Baila Baila - Historia Real Helsinkis

Baila Baila - Historia Real Helsinkis

Baila Baile tantsukool Helsinkis saab 20 aastaseks ning nad korraldavad selle puhul vinge show ja peo. Sinna on väga oodatud ka kõik Eesti salsatajad! Kui soovid minna, siis saad oma pileti osta Casa de Bailest.


Finlandia-talo (Finlandia-sali)
laupäeval 30.11.2013
kell 18.00, etenduse kestvus u. 2,5 h

Pileti hind 30.- eur.


Aadress: Iso Puistotie 1, 00140 Helsinki
laupäeval 30.11.2013

Pileti hind 12 € + riidehoid

Täpsem info inglise keeles:

BAILA BAILA - HISTORIA REAL Baila Baila - Historia Real is a colorful show full of Cuban dances, taste of rum, smell of cigars and first and foremost a tribute to the Caribbean joyful life. This is a diverse dance show which celebrates the 20 years long journey of Dance School Baila Baila.

During the two hours Cuban and Finnish professional dancers will take the audience to the white sandy beaches under the palm trees and to the colorful streets of Havana. As well as salsa, other dances from the Caribbean will be seen on stage as well as a little flamenco. Dance school Baila Baila is Finland’s first salsa school and the oldest Cuban style school in Europe.

Baila Baila was founded by Miguel Verdecia in 1993. Nowadays Baila Bailas 16 professional teachers give lessons seven days a week in the studio located in the heart of Helsinki. Welcome to enjoy the Caribbean sun in the middle of the dark November!

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