Argentine Tango intermediate

Argentine Tango intermediate
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Course start October 3, 2021
Lesson times Sat 6:00-8:00pm (2 hours)
Level Intermediate
No of lessons 10 / 18 hours
Teacher Joosep & Liina

Tango is a couple dance, based on lots of improvisation and musicality. It is also decribed as a passionate dance that creates a close connection and wordless communication between partners.

During the beginners course we will work on the embrace, elegance, musicality and finally, figures that can be use for social dancing. Also in every class we will consider some aspects as general priority. 

Awareness of axis and own balance 
Perception of shared point of balance. Ability to sustain a posture while dancing
In women: to hear the message of the man and generate answers and alternative answers.
In men: develop maximum delicacy and clarity of his "lead."
In both: awareness of the movement for freedom of expression in dancing embrace.
This course welcomes improvers with 2 months of dance experience (16 classes)