About Casa de Baile salsa school

Casa de Baile Dancecenter has a nice modern training hall with mirrors and good music system. The hall is 140 m2 and can fit even up to 80 persons for a training.

Casa de Baile is dedicated mainly for teaching salsa and other Latin-American dances. We try to create opportunities for training, practicing and salsa parties. So that everyone could dance salsa whenever he/she feels like it.

Casa de Bailes main goal is to promote and develop salsa and other Latin-American dances in Estonia. Of course this does not mean that we dont promote also other dances. All different dance trainers and practicioners are welcome in our dancecenter to give their classes or to practice.

If you want to find salsa in Estonia, more specifically salsa in Tallinn, then Casa de Baile is the place to get more information. If you like salsa, then you are always welcome to come by when you are in Tallinn, Estonia.