Salsa algajate trenn märts 2012Salsa beginners course in DECEMBER 2022

New Salsa beginners' course group starts with a FREE TRIAL CLASS on:

Monday, December 5th at 8pm
Free spots are still available for leaders, followers and couples. Hurry up and register!

Come and check it out - if you like it, join the course. Please register your attendance, so we can balance leader / follower numbers in class and avoid overcrowding!

Register for your FREE trial class now!

The course at a glance:

Level: Total beginners (as in "never danced before")

Monday, December 5th at 8pm

Course duration: December first and then forward :)
Schedule: Every Mon & Wed at 8pm (1-hour classes)
Venue: Casa de Baile (Pärnu mnt 19, IV floor, Tallinn)
Teacher: Kätlin

All our teachers speak English: please let them know your language needs!

Register for your FREE class now!

How to start dancing Salsa?

  1. Register for your class here - you can sign up alone, or with a partner.
  2. Come to Casa de Baile at Pärnu mnt 19, IV floor 10-15 min before the first class.
  3. When you get here, tell us your name and enjoy the class!

What will you learn at the course?

We'll start by learning the basic steps. Men will learn how to lead, and ladies how to follow in dance. As the course progresses, you will learn differen simple salsa combinations that you can use on the dancefloor. By the end of the course, you will have learnt to dance salsa so that you can dance to any salsa song and improvise on the dancefloor.

What will you get from this course?

  • ability to dance - you will know how to dance, and impress your friends with cool moves on the dancefloor.
  • new friends - learn together with nice and interesting people, and go to salsa party after the class.
  • self confidence and stress relief - dance skill is scientifically proven to raise people's self confidence and lower stress level.
  • and much more... in fact too much to write everything down, come and see for yourself.

CAUTION! Salsa may change your life, are you ready for it!? ;)

How much does it cost?

The first class of the course is free to try, and then:

2 month course (twice a week): 99 € /person
1 month course (twice a week): 59 € /person

Discount for couples 1 month (leader+follower, twice a week): 99 €
Discount for couples 2 months (leader+follower, twice a week): 188 €

Drop in class: 10.- €

You can pay for the course with bank-link or transfer on the website, Stebby or with cash/card on the spot.

Salsa course payment