1 месяц доступа к видео онлайн-занятий

1 месяц доступа к видео онлайн-занятий
49.00 € 29.00 €
Кол-во:   В корзину
Количество часов Один месяц
место Oнлайн
уровень Все уровни

Casa de Baile has put together a collection of online classes of different styles, so that we can carry on dancing also in the times when real classes are not an option. The menu will be updated frequently: we are adding new classes + bonus material every once in a while!

The one month access enables you to use all the videos in our selection for your personal development. The classes are suitable for all levels and contain a lot of valuable information and tips to grow into a better dancer! The payment will give you access to the closed Facebook group for the duration of one month.

In order to join, you can process the payment and apply to join this Fabebook group: Casa de Baile online tantsutrennide videopank.

Thank you for supporting us and enjoy the classes!